The Motion was Approved

The Motion was APPROVED!

Thanks to the voters of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church and School. The motion was approved: With God’s help the GSLC&S approves the construction of a new building and securing a mortgage of up to $7 million. Pictured are the building planning team: Ernie Dinkel, Council President; Jennifer Oberlin, School Director; Pastor Steve Anderson, Bob Barnes; School Board Chairman.

2024 Accreditation Visit!

We had our Accreditation Visit last week! These are pictures from the dinner we hosted with the team, staff, church members, and some families!
Our visit was a success and we want to thank everyone who had a part in making sure the visit went smoothly and that the team was able to see our incredible program in action. The national average scores between an 88 and 92 and we scored a 94.7! Congratulations to our staff!

Prayer Garden

Our 3 year old classrooms have put together a prayer garden for our school! Our teachers and families gathered materials and then all worked together to create this beautiful space. What a special project that has brightened our campus!

2024 Easter Egg Hunt

What a wonderful morning spent at GSLC&S for our annual Easter Egg Hunt! Lots of smiles, laughter, and fellowship!

Congratulations to the winner of our bike raffle…we hope you get great use out of it!

30th Organ Concert

It was a beautiful afternoon with nearly 100 attendees! Pastor Steve Anderson gave a wonderful talk about Martin Luther and all attendants sang “A Mighty Fortress is our God”. Our very own Linda Petersen performed on the organ, while Cindy Von Waldner preformed one song on the Celtic Harp. The Good Shepherd Choir performed a number of songs while or organist played inspiring music. Following the concert, a reception was held in Mennicke Hall where dozens of charcuterie boards were enjoyed by all. This reception was organized by Cheryl Anderson and Wanda Bartholomew, and numerous volunteers.

Pastor Steve Anderson speaking about Martin Luther.

Cindy Von Waldner playing the harp.

Good Shepherd Choir.

Reception being enjoyed by many.

All of the wonderful Charcuterie boards.

2023 Advent Tea

Our “Advent by Candlelight” event was celebrated December 3rd, the 1st Sunday of Advent at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church and School. Thank you to all the hostesses from our church & school that decorated tables, shared their favorite desserts, participated in the meaning of the Advent wreath & made a joyful noise to the Lord!

HappyFeet Soccer

Our school is partnering with HappyFeet Soccer to provide an enrichment program for our young students! We had a demo class and our students and teachers could not have been happier!

Our students now have the opportunity to enroll in their program and have soccer on Wednesdays! Classes are as follows:

VPK: 2:30-3:00

3’s: 3:00-3:30

2’s: 3:30-4:00